The exhibition

United Nations Revisited – art interventions in political spaces explores the tension between the political and the aesthetic poles looking at the example of the United Nations. The intervention focuses on pictorial and symbolical acts around the United Nations. The exhibition presents reflections of these symbols and questions whether they are appropriate for the 21st century.

The Symposium

will allow some deeper insights in the works of art around the United Nations. Per Krogh’s mural in the UN Security Council was Norways present to the UN in 1947. It was a starting point for the research which led to the exhibition and the symposium. The reading of this picture with its Western iconography opens the aesthetic field of the topic. Documentaries, political analyses and artist statements and reports will help to an interdisciplinary debate. The Memory of the World Program of the UNESCO will be introduced, Berlin as a political space will be presented and questions of representation and image production will be discussed.         Signe Theill